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Custom Furniture - Repairs & Restorations

Bespoke Designs

Artistic and custom furniture, made for you.

The furniture design you love but can’t buy, brought to life.Furniture Reborn, Modern and Antique

Upcycling, Repurposing

Furniture Repair and Furniture Recycling, Designed to Your Specification Bring your treasured piece back to life.

Family Heirlooms

Sentimental favourites

Free Pickup and Delivery in the Sunshine Coast

Antique Restoration. Gentle restration and repairs, minimal intervention to maintain authenticity.


Beautiful furniture in wood and steel. Wood is a precious resource and all of the wood I use is recycled, chosen for each piece’s individual character. Steel offers an aesthetic contrast to the wood, and exceptional engineering functionality. Steel is also highly recyclable


Matched Side Tables

About Us

Stephen Warburton

An experienced shipwright, creating, from wood, steel and glass.

Sustainability of our natural resources is uppermost in execution of our services. Wood is treasured, never wasted and all new wood is sourced strictly from proven sustainable resources.


Please Contact Us for more information or if you simply have a question. New designs can be matched to your needs. Furnture repairs can be matched to your budget. Free pickup and delivery is offered in the Sunshine Coast area.

Contact us by email at

Stephen Warburton Furniture, PO Box 54, Mapleton, QLD 4560